Saturday, June 27, 2009

Paperkatie's winter wishlist cont.

And for even more things that are on my wishlist at the moment...

Clockwise from top left

Trianglelady print ll US$15 ll sandra juto
Bird print ll US$12 ll studio mikmik
San-X Mamegoma ceramic moneybank ll US$16 ll wizzywig (paypal only)
Flower bowl ll $49 ll ikea Bow necklace ll $149 ll mimco
Bunny vase ll US$48 ll pretty random objects
Wristworms ll US$45 ll sandra juto
Chance by Chanel 50ml Eau De Parfum
Knitting needles
Mosaic print scarf ll $49.95 ll witchery

1 comment:

  1. I have that Ikea flower bowl! Only its a sad story - my Dad bought it for me one Christmas and our house is so small theres no room for it so it lives in the shed. One day when we have a bigger house it will have pride of place...